About Me

I created a lot of MyBB forum, WordPress Blog and websites for myself and my customers since 2014. Also, I have been creating WordPress websites and custom websites for my customers since 2016. Also, I created a Windows Application for a project with C#.net and i created some Android Apps.

Also, I created line follower robot and mini sumo cars in 2018-2019-2020. I participated in some competitions with my team.

I participated in some olympic for computer since in 2017-2018-2019. Also, I won a bronze medal in 2018 from ISBO (Istanbul Science Olympics) for computer science.

Finally, I finished the last class for high school and I attended the university exam in 2020. I won the Haliç University Software Engineer (English) with 100% scholarship.

My Experiences

I have been creating websites (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, PHP7), Android applications (Java), Windows applications (C#), robots (Arduino) since 2014. I usually create websites.

I used MyBB, WordPress, Adwords&&Adsense advertisement system. Also, I created a lot of websites for my own projects and my customers projects.

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I can create and install WordPress website, MyBB forum and i can design&&built custom Website&&Admin Panel&&Themplate.

Android Application

I can work on your Android mobile application projects at your request.

Code Editing

I can redesign and I can add new features to your Websites&&Admin Panel&&Android Application.

About My Working Life

I created and installed a lot of website to my customers before now. And, i am working for improve my working company’s website. Also, I am getting some freelance works.

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I work and manage activelly projects/websites


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